CAC Meeting Information

All information is from most recent meeting

Date: 2/13/18


I. Minutes Approved from January 2018 CAC meeting

CAC mtg time 315-415

PTA update –
march for peace march 7th
1- dance party + sno cones
2- cash + popcorn
3- extra recess and popsicles

  • proposal for panther logo change for branding purposes, invite ideas to engage kids in ‘panther’ mascot identity
  • school spirit discussion – song, motto, mascot
  • what does a panther represent? values we represent
  • AISD = District of Innovation
    Professional development days, flexibility with how integrate into calendar and school day
    Proposed days for 2018-2019 = 10/5 1/3 1/4 2/15 (extend holiday weekends from 3 to 4 days, and two additional winter break days)
    If add 3 days, no change to day start/end times, if 4+ days need to add minutes to day at beginning/end or both
  • AISD Budget
    District wants input from CAC in spending choices
    Evaluate academic return on investment
    $30 million shortfall for 18-19 year
    Aim to keep budget flat for 18-19
    Bond money does not go toward maintenance and operations but toward new developments proposed in bond
    for 18-19 40% of taxes for AISD are recaptured for state redistribution
    19-20 yr 50% will be recaptured
    AISD recapture pays 25% of all state collections
    Budget prioritization survey

need it for exact #s for staff allocation
Online registration can be done in computer lab
Online registration + proof of address + intent to enroll

Citizen Communication
Peter as community liaison wants to be in loop but can’t be in Living Tree – Zen no longer source of info available to non-active families

Date TBD – 4th & 5th grade middle school prep meeting for families and district reps to get mentally ready for transition to compartmentalized day and campus move