Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 10/06/16


  1. Council adjustments:
    1. 2016-2017 school year parent co-chair Andrée Chalaron
    2. 2016-2017 school year secretary Bobbie Scanio


  1. Schedule of future Meetings:
    1. Move meetings to Tuesdays at 3:15
      1. November 15th
      2. December -NONE
      3. January 10th
      4. February 7th
      5. March 7th
      6. April 11th
      7. May 16th


  1. Campus Improvement Plan:  Mr. Aziz submitted CIP to District and discussed. Many items had pre approved options to remedy improvements needed. The district provided highlights to special areas. I.E. special ed – reading writing & math. We have a higher number of students than other campuses because we have resources that attract them to school. Their star benchmarks are behind by a few years and we need to do what we can to bring them up.
    1. Testing computer assessments were not done as well as paper. Kids seem to rush and click through on computer. General rule of thumb is paper test may be better in most cases. There is overwhelming support to take the paper version over computer.
    2. Tech goal not important for district CIP but will remain a goal for Zilker. CIP plan will not show Tech.
      1. District has computer experience as an item on CIP but the current option is not being pursued at this time.
      2. Subject example : students as producers:
        1. What does that mean?
          1. Working on google classroom.
          2. What are software pieces needed.
          3. Tech Covert 1 – plan for how teachers approach Tech.
          4. Sending teacher reps from each grade to conferences.
      3. What age is appropriate for Keyboard learning; need to determine screentime balance
        1. Example- 2nd or 3rd grade?
        2. Teaching option “Keyboarding without tears” and others are being evaluated as best approach.
    3. A lot of CIP revolves around Star but we want to support the child as a whole.
    4. Professional development plan as a general passed district but actual needs to be honed in at school. Administration discusses plan throughout year, this is an ongoing item.
    5. CIP formally passes by CAC
      1. Can be edited throughout the year as needed.


  1. Principal Update: None at this time.


  1. PTA Update: None at this time.


  1. Topic came up: What is next for FCA and ESA?
    1. We will discuss in the spring once survey has been worked on.
    2. Visit website for comunity meetings, etc. www.aisdfuture.com


  1. Topic came up for new members: What drives the CAC? What determines the meetings?
    1. Items that come up with faculty/staff, neighborhood, local items, etc.
    2. Should we work off the CIP?
      1. Create a “Cheatsheet” of items we want to address this year.
        1. Main goals – action items
        2. Progress


  1. Agenda for next Meeting:
    1. Review CIP to select items to address at future meetings.
    2. Email more agenda items to Aimee Morales aimee.m.morales@austinisd.org