Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 11/15/16


  1. Review meeting dates:
    1. Discussed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as options. Decided to keep as originally scheduled.
      1. December -NONE
      2. January 10th
      3. February 7th
      4. March 7th
      5. April 11th
      6. May 16th


  1. Improvements for Bond Election : We haven’t had questions, but they should come sometime this year.
    1. Only thing requested has been survey for current use of building.
      1. No flex space this year; all rooms being used.
      2. Looking for projections for the coming year, ie freezing school, etc.
    2. Touched on approved funded changes from past bonds
      1. Roof
      2. ADA bathrooms
      3. New ac units in all but 6 classes
      4. Possible to get some new flooring
    3. Compile wish list now or wait for them to give us info?
      1. If compile list include space for all school to gather including parents and all grades.
        1. New gym/auditorium or add on to the existing gym or cafeteria
      2. How to include portables?
        1. Actually going to be looked at over Thanksgiving break to be incorporated in district purchase package
        2. Calculate space for impervious cover – new building vs. portables
      3. 2 new wings with classrooms seems to make sense as a request
    4. Can we locate list from previous meetings in past years, ie . “school closing” scare?
      1. Start with list and adjust from there.
      2. Bring to the next meeting or email list to the CAC to review before the meeting.
      3. Also, may try to locate old plan to remove 400 wing and replace with 2 story building.
    5. Mr. Thompson would also like to include updating current classrooms, bring out of the 50’s and make current
    6. Ask for classrooms, science lab, larger makerspace
    7. Bring ideas to next meeting


  1. PTA Update: Have no needs, issues or concerns
    1. Fundraising a little behind
      1. “We are Zilker”
      2. Spanish fund
    2. BookPeople fundraiser this week
    3. March 4 Peace on March 3rd
    4. Spring Fling Friday April 28th


  1. Agenda for next Meeting:
    1. Lists of Improvements for Bond Election
      1. Referenced above
    2. Address CIP- Start with iStation
      1. Compare data from begining of the year to now
      2. Looking for universal screener for math, need a new program
    3. Election Polling location – Move from Zilker?
      1. Parents were concerned this year
      2. It was hard to enter school for drop off because entrance was so full
      3. Library is not a good fit either
      4. Meet with Neighborhood Association
        1. Then decide next action from there
      5. Possible to move it to a nearby Church??
    4. Email more agenda items to Aimee Morales aimee.m.morales@austinisd.org