Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 01/10/17


  1. PTA Update
    1. Board meeting the 17th
    2. Providing breakfast for Science Fair Judges
    3. Fundraising –
      1. Good response to Zilker Fund
      2. Had an Odd Duck fundraiser – checking totals now
    4. Hosted ACPTA training in December
    5. Book Fair coming up in February, starts the 13th
    6. Zilker family night  coming up February 16th at 5:30
      1. There will also be drum fit in the Gym at this time
    7. Rain Tanks by the 2nd grade portables are being looked at for repair. Idea is for them to drain faster underground so the area will not overflow. Owned by the PTA but on district property, district will not maintain, up to the PTA – current work is being volunteered.
    8. PTA nominations in March, many officers are on their 2nd term – positions may need to be filled.


  1. Suggestions for Bond Election : Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Prelim discussion is good but heavy duty items will be decided after we have the allocated fund totals.
    1. Zilker is on the 1st round of updates – 6 years
    2. Big picture 1st then the details to come
    3. Will address school needs then include how the community use.
    4. District has to have something by November to present to the public
    5. CAC to have a running list of items for consideration
    6. CAC will keep topic as a standing agenda item
  2. Moving Elections booths – pushed to next meeting agenda


  1. Reading screen/interventions summary : the district is using istation as 1st step
    1. Every month when students are tested it gives a reading score
      1. This is the 1st pass to see where kids are
    2. Follow up with other screens to check if kids are accurately scored
    3. Students are categorized in tiers.
      1. Tier 1 – on grade level
      2. Tier 2 – behind
      3. Tier 3 – further behind – look into need for intervention
        1. istation will give intervention work – games etc.
      4. No flex space this year; all rooms being used.
      5. Looking for projections for the coming year, ie freezing school, etc.
      6. Zilker sees this to be working in the right direction
        1. Example: Kinder in September 17 students were in tier 2 and 23 in tier 3. When checked again in December 7 were in tier 2 and 9 were in tier 3.
    4. Interventions
      1. One on one with the teacher
      2. Workbook pages generated by istation
      3. Guided reading groups
      4. Core instruction
    5. Also makes aware of potential students with special education needs or dyslexia
    6. As students move to higher grades there are not as many tier separations, most are on grade level
    7. Some of December’s data is missing for students so we need to revisit for a full campus picture.
    8. Has been catching students lingering at a level to be noticed and get the needed intervention
    9. Staff does double check false negatives – do a DRE and follow up- might be computer learning and not reading related
    10. Changes from last year –
      1. it is more of a push district wide to make sure 100% kids are screened
      2. Zilker has been checking monthly instead of periodically
    11. Case by case for parent teacher conference and not used by all for report card grade
    12. Can look at istation report at home if teacher enables the parent to see, have to talk to the teacher for access
    13. Sometimes program pulls words that have not been learned in the classroom but by the end of the year they should have covered it


  1. Zilker Frozen to transfers for 2017-2018
    1. Transfers approved to date are not taken away
    2. Siblings will not be allowed even if older child is a enrolled transfer. Can appeal but will most likely be denied
    3. Transfer cut off is 115%, Zilker is currently at 122%
    4. Students in 4th grade that have moved out of the zilker zone should appeal to come back to Zilker for 5th grade
    5. Sbs and ppsd placements can still be placed – they are not transfers
    6. Will be frozen until next school year- board policy


  1. Zilker’s TEA report Card:
    1. We met the standard
    2. We received 1 distinction – top 25% student progress
    3. Preliminary grades A-F
    4. Zilker Preliminary grades
      1. A  Student Performance,
      2. A  Student Progress
      3. C  Closing Performance Gaps
      4. C  Post secondary readiness


  1. Agenda for next Meeting:
    1. Improvements for Bond Election
      1. Referenced above
    2. Election Polling location – Move from Zilker?
      1. Parents were concerned this year
      2. It was hard to enter school for drop off because entrance was so full
      3. Library is not a good fit either
      4. Meet with Neighborhood Association
        1. Then decide next action from there
      5. Possible to move it to a nearby Church??
    3. Email more agenda items to Aimee Morales aimee.m.morales@austinisd.org