Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 02/07/17


  1. Public Comments: None


  1. Moving Election Booths:
    1. Mr. Thompson spoke with Dr. Gloria Williams (the director of Department of School, Family & Community) and she said the voting site can not be changed.
    2. Then he spoke with Peter A. Velasquez (Elections Management Coordinator at Travis County Elections) the election booth site can not be changed unless there is a code violation or hard to access.
    3. 1st choice selection – public building inside a neighborhood.
    4. Many schools have asked to move the location
    5. Both options offered to come and help select a location
    6. Peter on the CAC board will call the Church down the road to see if they would be interested in holding the election booths at their church.
      1. If they are interested we will contact the district again


  1. Update on FABPAC & FMP:
    1. Zilker started a subcommittee for FABPAC- email has been sent to invite interested parents.
      1. They will report to CAC
      2. Would like kinder parents to get involved since they could still be at the school when improvements are mate
      3. Will try to have a representative at all FABPAC meetings
        1. We have to be present and heard
    2. More information was given at meeting. Full modernization depends on what each school needs
      1. We are still unclear if there is a dollar amount associated with different levels of needs.
        1. Supposedly no, but that does not make sense, how else do they come up with amount
      2. Zilker originally was 1-6 years now may be 6-12 years out
    3. Zilker main priority is no more portables.
      1. Said was what we want academically and otherwise
      2. CAC board to send out a letter before Friday (meeting Monday) reiterating what we want
        1. Andree to draft letter
    4. Build to 550 (our current enrollment is 544)
      1. They do not have knowledge of new housing authority updates 2018
      2. Also not sure they are taking into account the changing boundaries if they close Joslin or Dawson


  1. PTA Update:
    1. Book fair next week
    2. Zilker family night also next week
      1. Food truck and activities
    3. March 4 Peace on March 3rd
    4. It’s my Park Day, March 4th
    5. Spring Fling – April 28th
      1. At the HighBall, 10th year
      2. Last years raising helped with Rock Wall, Garden Worker & Maker’s Space
    6. Haven’t reached goal with Spanish fund
    7. Having meeting to evaluate what we have and what we want
      1. Where should the money go
      2. PTA can not hold the money
    8. Sent many teachers to TCA (technology) training this week
    9. 100% teacher participation
    10. Looking for parents to be on the board next year
  2. Reading Interventions Summary:
    1. Mr. Aziz is discussing interventions on the district level
      1. Reading month by month but it is a moving target
        1. Yellow and red gaps not closing
        2. Looking for successful examples of schools closing the gap
        3. Jessica with the district is looking into it


  1. Principal Update:
    1. New 4th Grade Teacher – Emily Peters
      1. 1st year teaching
      2. Filled the bilingual spot but not bilingual
        1. Will have a bilingual teacher next year


  1. Agenda for next Meeting:
    1. Improvements for Bond Election
      1. Continuing topic
    2. Basic Table of Education
      1. Retaining all staff
      2. Teacher projections losing a 2nd grade but gaining a 5th
    3. Election Polling location
      1. Continuing topic
    4. Email more agenda items to Aimee Morales aimee.m.morales@austinisd.org