Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 03/07/17


  1. New Committee Member: Emily Day – replaces Ms. Luggo


  1. Public Comments: None


  1. Moving Election Booths:
    1. Peter reached out to Community of Christ Church on Bluebonnet and yes they would like to host the ballot booths if the school can get them moved.
      1. Will get contact information for the district to work on next step.


  1. Update on FABPAC & FMP:
  1. Letter to Facilities and Bond Planning Commission adjustments to include more details on portables, music rooms, art rooms & science/tech labs.
  2. Mr. Aziz to send out a copy of letter and include Kim & Vanessa regarding impervious cover of school grounds.


  1. BTO:
    1. Plan to try and bump up Pre-K to 16 from 10 for paid tuition, then we can keep teachers as currently stand
    2. Bump up lunch part time employees
    3. Subs for teachers increased
    4. Staff development comes out of general supplies budget
      1. PTA covers much of teacher training
      2. School can move things from general supplies as needed
    5. Overtime set to 1250
    6. CAC approved budget


  1. Safe Routes to School:
    1. AISD & City combined effort to make walking to school safer
      1. Funds are available and are looking at what needs to be changed/fixed
    2. CAC ideas include:
      1. Change school zone on Ann Arbor
      2. Add/fix needed sidewalks
      3. Ask local businesses if able to use parking and walk  to school
      4. Crosswalk at Anita
      5. Speeding around the bend in the road at Ashby & Bluebonnet
      6. Start the school zone sooner
      7. Paint stripe for parking/no parking on Rundell
      8. Get 5th graders to help greet younger kids at drop off and walk them to central location
        1. PTA used to have a safety patrol – done away with about 5 years ago


  1. PTA Update:
    1. Meeting last night
    2. March 4 Peace fundraiser is over 30,000 and ends Friday
    3. Working on Nomination committee for next years board
      1. President & Treasurer
      2. President & President Elect
        1. President elect is a new added position
        2. President to work on CAC & school
        3. President elect to be involved in committees
    4. Put a deposit down for Pees Garden to get the best schedule for our school
    5. Trying to figure out best way to spend money
      1. Putting together a committee
      2. Help get feedback on Spanish & Garden as the best way to move forward
        1. Sending survey to faculty to find out priorities for extra money
      3. Need 1 or 2 more people to help with Spring Fling donation gathering
    6. PTA not taking on Yearbook or Lost & Found
    7. Fresas restaurant fundraiser – would like to give 10% back to school
    8. Ahead of the game with budget
    9. Would like to let the parents see how the fundraising affects the students
      1. Thinking about a way to show the new gym climbing wall and makerspace


  1. Agenda for next Meeting:
    1. Improvements for Bond Election
      1. Continuing topic
    2. Election Polling location
      1. Continuing topic
    3. Email more agenda items to Aimee Morales aimee.m.morales@austinisd.org