Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 04/11/17

Location: Library

Call to order: 3:17 pm

End: 4:29 pm


Present Attendance:

Committee Members:

Peter Stiles                              Peter Keeler

Aimee Morales                        Gabriel McNitt

Andree` Chalaron                   Megan Mosley

Tammy Thompson                   Emily Day

Rebecca Sharp                       Jessica Acebo

Ashley Cohn                           Clee Upchurch

Bobbie Scanio                         Randy Thomson (after the principal committee discussion)


Additional Attendees:

Rachel Elder- PTA rep Ann Mitchell

Bana Jousan                           Jodi Wynn


  1. Principal Hiring Committee:
    1. Come up with 6 questions as a committee
    2. 6 members, 3 can be AISD employees
    3. Aimee & Andree` are automatically on the list because they are CAC co-chairs
    4. Additional candidates (* denotes elected members)
      1. Clee Upchurch – parent *
      2. Rachel Elder – parent
      3. Bana Jousan – parent
      4. Abe Moore – parent *
      5. Ann Mitchell – teacher
      6. Jodi Wynn – teacher*
      7. Rebecca Sharp – librarian*
      8. Claire Cooper – teacher
    5. Email question ideas to Aimee & Andree`


  1. PTA update:
    1. Wrapping end of year
    2. PTA election date moved to 19th, Principal committee day bumped 1 day
      1. Nominations have been made
      2. Appointment will happen next meeting
    3. Spring Fling on track for raising sponsorships
    4. Talking about prelim budgets and areas raised.
      1. 35,00 fun run w/payment to get movin $31,000
      2. Z-Healthy maynot be a PTA event next year
      3. Need Zamboree sign up now
  • Principal’s Update:
    1. Cromley – CAC meeting audit
      1. Minor Suggestions
        1. Better communication for public post at school
      2. Grateful for CAC helping with next chapter of Zilker
      3. Had to follow timeline re:letting all know and didn’t mean to keep PTA & CAC in the dark but had to follow timeline
        1. 100% his decision just felt it was time – not going to be a principal no deals in the works
        2. Wants to work in the district in some capacity (has been with AISD 36 years)
        3. Feels it’s time for for a new and another perspective. No regrets. Thank you for 9 years.
      4. Staff update:
        1. Special situation – resource sharing – have 1 special education position open
          1. Current are going to split 50/50
          2. New administration may undo if it has not been finalized
        2. 4th Grade Bilingual – contact interviewees next week
      5. Assistant VP if not selected as Principal usually will not stay at school
        1. This is a standard rule, most cases do not stay
        2. Depends on associate superintendent and acting Principal- they have to agree
        3. Aziz would like to stay if not promoted


  1. Election Booth update:
    1. Church says yes
    2. District has to approve – not an easy process
      1. Government agencies may have to get involved


  1. FABPAC:
    1. Revised 1 sheet went out
    2. Parents working on meeting w/congressman Kitchin re: our watershed
      1. We are at 33, we need to be at 20


  1. CAC Vacancies:
    1. Tammy & Ashley leaving – 2 teacher openings
    2. Aimee can not be co-chair next year
    3. Rachel Elder would like to be a parent member next year
    4. Push discussion to next meeting


  • Next Meeting:
    1. Improvements for Bond Election
      1. Continuing topic
    2. Election Polling location
      1. Continuing topic
    3. CAC Vacancy
      1. Continuing topic
    4. Email more agenda items to Aimee Morales m.morales@austinisd.org