Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 05/16/17

Location: Library

Call to order: 3:15 pm

End: 3:50 pm


Present Attendance:

Committee Members:

Aimee Morales                        Rebecca Sharp

Andree` Chalaron                   Tammy Thompson

Peter Stiles                              Jessica Zapruder

Ashley Cohn                           Randy Thomson

Bobbie Scanio                         Gabriel McNitt

Peter Keeler


Additional Attendees: New 2017-2018 Members

Beth Ferry                               Lauren Booth


  1. Public Comments: None


  1. Election Booth update: None


  • FABPAC: None


  1. Principal Reveal: Tuesday, May 23rd – 2 options discussed with Monica Gonzalez
    1. 1 morning assembly open to students and parents
      1. This would allow new principal to attend kinder camp
    2. 1st meet the teachers at faculty meeting and meet and greet in the evening around 6 for parents and students
    3. CAC would like to have all if possible, morning assembly, faculty meeting and evening event
      1. If not an option 2nd choice would be (B)


  1. PTA update:
    1. Preliminary budget passed by a few votes
      1. Major area of contention was spanish program
        1. Contract only for pre-k and Kinder next year
      2. 1st & 2nd need was more for instructional specialist
      3. Parent survey reflected support for other areas
      4. This is prelim- will be finalized in August with new administration
    2. Committee transition meeting May 31st
    3. Spring Fling raised $20,000
    4. Book Fair may not happen next year – Ms. Sharp considering options


  1. Meet New CAC Members:
    1. Rachel Elder -parent member (Jessica Acebo moving to PTA)
    2. Beth Ferry -classified member
    3. Lauren Booth – teacher member
    4. Judi Thompson – teacher member


  • Date for 1st 2017/2018 CAC meeting: September 12th 3:15 pm
    1. Teacher co-chair and Secretary determined then


  • 2017/2018 Staff Update:
    1. Hired 4th grade bilingual teacher – Felicia Veleta from Houston Elementary
    2. PPCD position hiring will be pushed until after May 23rd to give new administration the option to have input
    3. Special Education allowance decreased from 10 to 7 TAs
      1. Mr Thomson working on getting it raised – asking for 9
        1. All commitment forms have been returned so all kids assisted last year will be back
      2. Have 11 kids starting next year that are on the autism spectrum
        1. Should be 8 for 1 teacher and 1 TA


  1. Farewell from Mr. Thomson:
    1. Last Zilker CAC meeting. Always said “I’ll be here” weird feeling not to.
    2. Can’t wait to see where Zilker goes
    3. Has had a bunch more hugs and gifts from students/parents and staff
    4. Help the new principal learn the Zilker way
    5. “Thank you for the last 9 years”


  1. Teacher/staff CAC members 2017/2018 school year:
    1. Judi Thompson
    2. Rebecca Sharp
    3. Gabriel McNitt
    4. Emily Day
    5. Lauren Booth
    6. Beth Ferry