Zilker CAC Meeting Minutes 09/12/17

Location: Library

Call to order: 3:15 pm

Adjourn: 4:03 pm


Present Attendance:

Peter Keeler Clee Upchurch

Andree` Chalaron Rachel Elder

Emily Day Kali Parsons

Rebecca Sharp Lauren Booth

Alicia Hill Beth Ferry

Peter Stiles Jessica Zapruder

Bobbie Scanio Gabriel McNitt

Vera Muniz Judi Thompson

  1. Welcome, Call to Order: Introductions/Welcome New Members


  1. Seat new members/Appoint new positions:
    1. Emily Day 2017/2018 teacher co-chair
    2. Jessica Zapruder 2017/2018 secretary


  1. Citizens Communications: None


  1. Approval of Minutes: N/A


  1. PTA Updates:
    1. Membership Drive
    2. Odd Duck Bake Sale Fundraiser Oct 7th
      1. Need people to Chalk up sidewalk in front of restaurant and school.
      2. Radio Fundraiser Oct 10th – % of earnings donation
    3. Campus Cleanup – Oct 14th
    4. Working on Landscapes updates
    5. Z-Fiesta and Book Fair Oct 28th
      1. No Z-Healthy this year
  2. Principal Update:
    1. Chimney Swift update – 15-20 seen this past weekend but not entered chimney. Asking for photos of chimney to see if something is keeping them out
      1. No cap on top- one should be there.
    2. Campus Staffing: couple positions undetermined. Working on leveling process now. District comparing needs of schools.
      1. Added a first grade class – current teacher is a sub
        1. Ideally someone in place by the 18th
        2. Should know this week
      2. Music Teacher filled by sub
        1. Long term sub came from Barton Hills
        2. Hope to keep her
      3. Hires decided by district -discussion with associate superintendent  
        1. No school interview process for teacher transfers, can hire of leveling does not happen
        2. Sonority and district fit determine placement
        3. Also trying to keep kinder sizes as is – low 13-15 per class.
      4. Bookkeeper position also vacant –
        1. Found someone wanted to hire HR said no because transfer time closed.
        2. Searching for hire.
        3. Borrowing bookkeeper from another school
    3. Communication: looking at options for teachers and school to communicate with parents etc.
      1. Current options considering – living tree, seesaw, class dojo
        1. Teachers are currently using different methods
        2. Want something all can use including administration
        3. Break down into groups, i.e. 3rd grade parents only
      2. Parent – principal coffees 1st Friday of the month
    4. New Kinder Assessment: TX-KEA – Listening, letter identification, etc.
      1. Many teachers still using DRA for hearing reading
    5. Star Results: total out of 82
      1. 34th in writing, 13th in science, 17th in reading 21st in Math
    6. CIP: Draft extended to October 27th
      1. Will email it out before to review
      2. Compile data and create plan
        1. Needs per grade level
      3. Make standing agenda item
  3. Dates for meetings:

October 10th

November 14th

December – no meeting

January 9th

February 13th

March 20th

April 17th

May 8th

  1. FABPAC:  PTA meeting presentation going to be shared with neighborhood listserv to get more information out.
  2. Austin High vertical team meeting October 3rd