I. Minutes from September 2017 meeting:

  • Approved.
  • All minutes will be printed and brought for members to keep in CAC folders.

II. Master Bond PowerPoint (can be found at

  1. Voting day 11/7 – polling available on school site
    AISD bond = all schools get tech and/or facility support safety/security needs
  2. 16 new or modernized campuses
    schools addressed in order of critical need
  3. No tax rate increase
  4. $4 billion need/ bond asking for $1.05 billion without tax increase for first phase (4 phases, this is first; Zilker is in 2nd phase and depends on 2nd bond)
  5. No state re-capture on funds
  6. Vera to clarify what % of city/county taxes go to schools
  7. Property taxes not affected for homeowners 65 years +

III. Campus Improvement Plan – need final vote in November.

A. Need plans for following 4 areas because did not meet goals in 16-17 school year

  • Attendance
  • Reading/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Writing

B. Ms Hill will email to review goals so plan can be submitted by December 2017

IV. Benchmark dates are as follows:

  • 4th grade writing on 11/28/17
  • 5th grade reading 1/10/18
  • 3rd/4th reading 1/17/18
  • 5th math 1/11/18
  • 3/4th math 1/18/18
  • science 5th 1/18/18

V. LivingTree Parent/Teaching Communication Technology:

  • Proposal to use school wide for communication/ can segment networks by grade/etc
  • Teachers can use other program as well as desired
  • Potential need for phone notification in case of urgent communication needs

VI. Spanish:

  • Ms Hill exploring models of language immersion/bilingual education