Our Campus Advisory Council (CAC) is an advisory group for the school comprised of teachers, staff members, parents, community members, and business partners. Formation of the CAC is required by Texas law. For more information, click here.


2014-2015 Meeting Schedule

Sept 23
October 30
November 20
January 22
February 26
March 26
April 23
May 28

All meetings start at 3:05 PM in the Zilker Library.

Current membership of the CAC:

Kali Parsons – Co-chair & PPCD teacher
Peter Stiles – Co-chair and business rep.
Robert Woodage – Secretary & 5th grade teacher
Peter Keeler – Community rep.
Elizabeth Vreeland -Counselor
Janisse Duarte – Administrative staff
Kate Caswell – Kindergarten teacher
Randall Thomson – Principal
Patrick Aziz – Assistant Principal
Tracy Rakusin – 3rd grade teacher

Parent representatives:
Dan Preston
Andree Chalaron
Martin Tower
Jennifer Cooper
Alison Balic – PTA President