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Coming This January….The Answer To Our Communication Wishes!

By December 26, 2017 No Comments

Dear Zilker Parents,

Right now you are receiving information from our school in many different ways. Sometimes it may be confusing on where to go to look up what. Was it in the ZEN email, was it on the school website, was it sent from the classroom parent or from the teacher…. We have been searching for the best way to strengthen and simplify our communication process and have found what we believe is the best tool to do this. It’s called Living Tree.

Living Tree is a social media platform that has been compared to a Facebook for schools. Many top schools are already using it, including our Principal, Ms. Hill’s last school Doss Elementary. Everything that the PTA, Teachers and Principal send out will be in one place – from school events to homework assignments to volunteer opportunities. Plus you will be able to communicate back within your own groups, like to other parents in your kid’s class.

We will be rolling out this new communication tool in mid to late January and will be providing materials and training to help everyone in the parent community (no matter how technical you are) to adopt this new technology. And don’t worry, during the transition period we will keep the other communications going while everyone gets used to Living Tree.

More information will be coming! In the meantime, here is a link to their website www.livingtree.com and I have attached a flyer as well.

– Bobbi Jayasuriya, PTA Communications Committee Chair



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