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After School Activities

Join The Zilker Running Club

By September 15, 2017 No Comments

What better way to develop your kid’s love of running, then by joining the Zilker Running Club!  We meet on the track, Thursdays at 7:15am, starting October 5 and ending on May 24.  Part of the Marathon Kids Program, kids can walk, skip or gallop around the track for exercise and fun! They can count these laps towards their marathons.

If is raining or below 30 degrees we will not meet.  Can’t wait to run with you!

– Coach Cohn


Marathon Kids works for any kid, at any fitness level. Kids set their goals and track their progress on a journey to complete four marathons, or 104.8 miles, over the course of the running club season. They run or walk a lap at a time, a day at a time, and before they know it they’ve gone farther than they ever dreamed.

They learn how to fuel their bodies so they can run faster, better, longer. And for a little extra motivation, they earn fun Nike rewards at milestones along the way. Most importantly, they will have our wonderful P.E. Teacher, Coach Cohn supporting them every step of the way.


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