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LivingTree Communications Taking Over At Zilker!

By January 27, 2018 No Comments

This is the last Zen! All communications will now be through LivingTree.   Please contact your room parent or teacher if you are having issues registering or logging in!


Once you have logged-in, you will see that all your family and classroom information has already been entered.  If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, don’t forget to download the free LivingTree App!  Here is a Quick Guide to get you started on using this new technology. Please feel free to ask your Room Parent if you have any issues and if you log-in and can’t see your class, contact the front office for the CODE that will allow you to join Zilker.

Here are some commonly asked questions:

How do I add or change my contact information?

In your account, click on ‘Edit Profile & Preferences’. Here you’ll be able to edit your profile name, address, phone number, etc. To allow certain contact information to be visible for other LivingTree contacts, check the pertinent box(es) at the top of the page. Be sure to save your changes before you exit. Contacts will see the information you’ve selected when they click on your name in their Directory.

How do I change my notification preferences?

In your account, click ‘Edit Profile & Preferences’ Scroll down to notification settings, and select or de-select the notification options according to your preference. Be sure to save your changes before you exit.

Can I sync with Outlook/Google Calendar/iCal?

Of course! LivingTree allows you to subscribe your LivingTree Calendar to popular calendars like the Mac, iPad, and iPhone Calendar, or Google Calendar, and Outlook. Once subscribed, all of your LivingTree events will automatically flow into your other calendar application. Take a look at the Calendar guide for instructions on how to do this – It’s easy peasy!

Does LivingTree have translation capability?

YES!!  Select your preferred language by clicking on ‘Edit Profile & Preferences’ in the upper-right corner of your account. Scroll to ‘Language’ and select your preference from the dropdown. If other members of your group have a different preferred language, the translate option will show up and you can translate the conversation! Feel free to post/comment in your preferred language as others will be able to translate your post in their account as well.

Can I message with my teacher or other parents privately?

Yes. Just use LivingTree’s direct messaging found in the Inbox section of your account. This functions similarly to email within LivingTree so that you can message privately to an individual or a small group. Just type a name in, and given they are connected to you in your LivingTree network, their names will show up. Select, type, and send! More details found here.

Can I search through posts in my Conversations feed?

You can search all Conversations content (including comments) by entering a key word in the search tool. You can also filter your Conversations feed by selecting Pinned, Files, Photos, Events, or search by user.

Can I edit a post I’ve already shared?

You can use the ‘reshare’ feature to edit a post you’ve already made. Click on the reshare (right-arrow) button on the original post, and make your desired changes in the light box that appears. Click ‘post’ to reshare. Note this is a new post. You can delete the original post if you want to remove it from everyone’s Conversations stream by clicking on the ‘x’ located in the upper-right corner of your original post.


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