News and Appreciation from Mr. Aziz

Dearest friends and families at Zilker,

It has been such an honor to have been a part of this community these past thirteen years as teacher, parent, and assistant principal. What a beautiful, amazing campus we have, full of creativity, thoughtfulness, caring, and fun. It’s been a joy to work with all of you in building and extending our Zilker traditions together over the years.

My news today is that I have been asked to become the interim principal of Joslin Elementary, another amazing school just a couple of miles away on Manchaca Road. I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life as an educator, but I will certainly miss serving you and our young Panthers at Zilker!

I plan to still be around as a Zilker dad, so I’ll still enjoy seeing you and collaborating with you to continue making Zilker such a great place for kids. Thank you so much for all your tremendous kindness and support over the years. I have learned and laughed and enjoyed this time so much with all of you. May it continue in like fashion now and in the days ahead!

With love and admiration,
Patrick Aziz