Farewell Picnic for Mr. Aziz – July 16

Hello Zilker Families!   We hope you can join us on Sunday, July 16th from 6-8pm, to give Mr. Aziz a proper farewell from our school.

We’re holding a family picnic on the school grounds next to the basketball court so please bring your picnic blankets/chairs. This is a potluck style event, so feel free to sign up to bring something to share:   http://www.perfectpotluck.com/meals.php?t=VPSB1516

Please click on the Evite link below for more details and to RSVP!


Wishing You All the Best in Zilkerland!

Dear Zilker Families,

Well, that time is really here now. While I am officially the Zilker principal through June 30, for all practical purposes, Alicia Hill is. I have shared with Ms. Hill how hard it has been to let go, and she said she understands that after only a few times on our campus. She already recognizes what a special place Zilker is.

So all of my personal effects are out of the principal’s office, and I am about to turn over the last two Zilker keys that I have. Ms. Hill has begun moving her things into her new office and is looking forward to new adventures in the coming years. I have to admit that I am a little jealous, but this is all as it should be. I am confident that you are in good hands with Ms. Hill and your new assistant principal still to be named.

And how about Patrick Aziz and Joslin! Just when we were feeling a bit discouraged, Joslin happened! I know Mr. Aziz will miss Zilker, and you all will certainly miss him, but I also know you join me in congratulating him and wishing him only the best. He will be amazing as the interim principal for the Joslin Jaguars.

When you happen to see me around town, please be sure to say hello. I may forget names, but I will remember faces and that you are/were Zilker Panthers. I guess I will stop here. Just know how much you all have meant to me, know that I will always remember these past nine years as the ones when I was “the luckiest man in AISD,” and be sure to keep working together to ensure that Zilker continues to be “…a great place for kids!” I love and already miss you all.

Most sincerely,

Randy Thomson

News and Appreciation from Mr. Aziz

Dearest friends and families at Zilker,

It has been such an honor to have been a part of this community these past thirteen years as teacher, parent, and assistant principal. What a beautiful, amazing campus we have, full of creativity, thoughtfulness, caring, and fun. It’s been a joy to work with all of you in building and extending our Zilker traditions together over the years.

My news today is that I have been asked to become the interim principal of Joslin Elementary, another amazing school just a couple of miles away on Manchaca Road. I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life as an educator, but I will certainly miss serving you and our young Panthers at Zilker!

I plan to still be around as a Zilker dad, so I’ll still enjoy seeing you and collaborating with you to continue making Zilker such a great place for kids. Thank you so much for all your tremendous kindness and support over the years. I have learned and laughed and enjoyed this time so much with all of you. May it continue in like fashion now and in the days ahead!

With love and admiration,
Patrick Aziz

AISD Names Alicia Hill as Principal of Zilker Elementary

Distrito Escolar Independiente de Austin

Superintendenta Asociada para las Escuelas del Área 1 Sandra Creswell

23 de mayo del 2017

Estimados estudiantes, padres de familia, maestros y personal de la Escuela Primaria Zilker:

Nos complace anunciarles que la Mesa Directiva aprobó el nombramiento de la Sra. Alicia Hill como directora de la Escuela Primaria Zilker. La Sra. Hill es actualmente la subdirectora de la Escuela Primaria Doss, en donde ella ha demostrado su dedicación a los niños y la importancia que le da a establecer relaciones sólidas con los estudiantes y las familias. Ella apoya totalmente la esencia de la iniciativa del niño en su totalidad, y al mismo tiempo ofrece el liderazgo educativo que la escuela Zilker ha disfrutado y que le permitirá a Zilker continuar teniendo un sólido desempeño académico.

Durante su trabajo en el Distrito Escolar Independiente de Austin por más de 15 años, la Sra. Hill ha sido maestra en tres escuelas primarias en diferentes grados desde kínder hasta el 5.o grado. Ella tiene un título profesional de estudios de Primera infancia y una maestría como Profesora de Lectura. También trabajó como Directora de la escuela de verano de ciencias.

La Sra. Hill se siente honrada de haber sido nominada como la directora de la Escuela Primaria Zilker. Ella asistió o asistirá a varios eventos en la escuela Zilker hoy, 23 de mayo y habrá otras oportunidades para conocer a la Sra. Hill como su nueva directora del ciclo escolar 2017-2018. Gracias por darle la bienvenida y gracias por su fuerte apoyo a la primaria Zilker y a sus estudiantes. La Sra. Hill ya desea conocerlos y servirles como su directora.


Sandra Creswell

Superintendenta Asociada para las Escuelas del Área 1


Summer Library Newsletter

Check out the Summer reading edition of the Zilker Library newsletter! Find out about Dr. Cruz’s 5 Book Dive, suggested summer reading lists, e-book resources and what the Austin Public Library has going on this summer!

ZPTA Preliminary Budget Update

Thank you to those who could attend the May 16th PTA meeting.  It is evident that we are a passionate group that wants the most for our kids. After the dust settled, I was able to meet with the Austin Council of PTAs that works directly with TXPTA.   We’ve had several conversations and I met face to face with their president and parliamentarian.  After my meetings with them, I’d like to announce to you that the votes regarding the preliminary budget passed 19 Yes to 18 no.  It was discovered that 3 votes were cast by  proxy.   According to Article IX, Section 4 of the TXPTA bylaws: “There shall be no proxy voting.” Therefore, this means that the  budget was approved by a simple majority vote.

This preliminary budget as presented provides for $15k for an Instructional Specialist, $5k for technology, $10k for Jabo’s Garden and $4k for Futura/Spanish for PreK & Kindergarten.   Please keep in mind that this budget is fluid and will continue to evolve.  As a PTA, we will be looking to the guidance of our next principal to continue supporting the school’s needs.
From this meeting, we heard many voices and the want for a Spanish program!  It’s our task to carry on the dialogue with the administration to determine how to continue with a Spanish and/or multi-cultural program at Zilker. And, though it wasn’t communicated clearly, the PTA board would still like to see some sort of program continue.  As we said in the meeting, we will work with the incoming administration in the upcoming school year to advocate for a program that works for both teachers and students.  There are many example of what that might look like and we’d like to work with all interested to help determine what those goals are inconjuction with the vision of our school leadership.    I’m eager to see champions arise for a multi-cultural or language program amongst our teachers, parents and administration.
We know diversity is important in our community, and we know as a PTA, we are supplementing what the district provides. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or Vera Muniz to set up a time to discuss.
Thank you again for your time!
– Rachel Elder


Thank you from Jabo’s Garden!

Jabo’s Garden would like to send out one last thank you to everyone who helped make this a wonderful year for us. If you volunteered with your class, came to a farm stand, pulled some weeds, or just stopped by to enjoy the space, we truly appreciate you sharing your energy with us. Extra thanks should go to our 4th grade teachers and students for running the farm stands, Odd Duck, Dolce Neve and our PTA for supporting us, Lauren Maples at PEAS for teaching all of our students, Trim & Proper for donating so many wonderful plants, and of course, thank you to Jabo! We wouldn’t be here today without your wonderful vision.

AISD Names Alicia Hill as Principal of Zilker Elementary

Dear Zilker Elementary School Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff,

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees has approved the appointment of Ms. Alicia Hill as the Principal of Zilker Elementary School. Ms. Hill currently serves as the Assistant Principal at Doss Elementary School, where she has evidenced her focus on children and the priority she places on establishing strong relationships with students and families. She fully embraces the spirit of the whole-child initiative while providing the instructional leadership that Zilker has enjoyed and which will continue the strong academic performance of Zilker.

During her 15-plus years with the Austin Independent School District, Ms. Hill has taught on three elementary campuses, grades ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. She has earned her Early Childhood certification and is a Master Reading Teacher. She served as Science Summer School Principal as well.

Ms. Hill is honored to be named the Principal of Zilker Elementary School. She has or will attend several events on the Zilker campus today, May 23, and there will be various other opportunities to meet and get to know Ms. Hill as your new principal for 2017-18. Thank you for welcoming her and thank you for your strong support of Zilker and your students. Ms. Hill is looking forwarding to meeting you and to serving as your principal.


Sandra Creswell, Associate Superintendent for Area 1 Schools

Lost an Umbrella this Morning?

Lost and Found has a new home in the cafeteria! It is full of hoodies, jackets, 6 umbrellas and more- ALL with NO names!! Please stop by to see if any are yours.

Visit the school’s website zilkerelem.org to purchase labels so your items can get hand delivered to your child’s classroom!