Pre-Order Your “Legends Of The Zilker Zanther” Book


  • So that we know how to get your shirt to you.


Have you heard of the strange creature that has been spotted right here in Zilker? Those who have seen it say it’s a very unusual looking panther — with bat wings and a lightning tail. They call it the Zilker Zanther! Our Grade 5 classes have been busy writing down tales of Zilker’s very own mythical creature. They are publishing and selling their own book (and T-shirts) to help pay for their upcoming graduation from Zilker. Help us support them in their quest!

The book features 15 exciting stories and illustrations of the Zilker Zanther by the Grade 5’s and their Language Arts teacher, Ms. Thompson. All ages will enjoy these tales!

Orders are due by March 29th. Your book will be delivered approximately 2 weeks later.