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From the Principal

Randy Thomson Has Resigned–Effective June 30, 2017

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Dear Zilker Families,

I hope you received my voice mail message or email last Thursday, March 23.  In case you did not, the text of the email is included below.  I know I will be seeing and talking to you in the coming days and weeks, but just know again how very much my time in Zilkerland has meant to me.  I will so miss our Panthers and their families and teachers and everyone else who works at Zilker.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Randy Thomson


Dear Zilker Families,

This is my last semester as the principal of Zilker Elementary School. I submitted my formal resignation to our associate superintendent, Sandra Creswell, just this past Tuesday, March 21. My last official day as the Zilker principal will be June 30, 2017.

There is absolutely no way—no way—that I can express to you how very much the past nine years have meant to me. It is because of you and all of our Zilker team. Nine years… how can that be? That is longer than I have ever worked anywhere else in my life! My daughters, Lauren and Hayley, were in high school when I came to Zilker in 2008, and those of you who were here through their high school and college days (and even beyond) listened to so many of my “brag stories” about them. Thank you for indulging me or humoring me through those times. Now Lauren and Hayley are grown, successful, professional, working women living in Chicago and Little Rock. That ol’ “time thing” can really sneak up on you, so enjoy, love, and appreciate every moment that you have with your children in the coming days and years.

To our Panthers, the Zilker faculty/staff, all of you… it’s been an absolute pleasure and joy for me to have had this opportunity to serve you. Again, there really, really are no words that can adequately express my gratitude to each and every one of you. I guess it likely became so trite and predictable for me to say, “I am the luckiest man in AISD!” again and again during the past nine years, but I always meant it—sincerely. And I still do.

How very proud I have always been to tell people that I am the principal of Zilker Elementary School—the best and most wonderful title I’ll ever have. If I allowed myself to be the selfish one that I could easily be, I’d stay here forever. It is time now, however, for a post-Thomson era in Zilkerland. I know you will join our teachers as you and they take our Panthers to new heights with new adventures in the coming years! I look forward to hearing about your achievements and accomplishments. I know there will be many.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our teachers and staff who work so hard and diligently for your children as they (and you) continue to make “Zilker… a GREAT place for kids!”

Most sincerely,

Randall W. Thomson



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