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Thank you from Jabo’s Garden

It has been a wonderful year in Jabo’s Garden and I want to thank all the people who helped keep the weeds and bugs at bay and the vegetables growing tall. Thank you to all the volunteers, teachers and students who got their hands dirty this year and especially the Fabulous 4th Grade who put on the farm stands. That was a huge job and they managed it with a level of excitement and joy that made the entire project worthwhile.

Thank you to the larger groups that support Jabo’s Garden—Odd Duck, PTA, Whole Kids Foundation, Zilker Neighborhood Association, Urban Patchwork, and Trim & Proper. It is heartwarming to see our neighborhood and greater community rally around our school. Last but not least, thank you Jabo for spending another year sharing your love of the earth with our students.

Even though school is out for the summer, Jabo’s Garden is open to our community. Please stop by to see what is growing. In exchange for a little weeding you are welcome to take anything that is ripe.

Happy summer!
Martine Fedyszyn
Jabo’s Garden Chairperson


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