Wishing You All the Best in Zilkerland!

Dear Zilker Families,

Well, that time is really here now. While I am officially the Zilker principal through June 30, for all practical purposes, Alicia Hill is. I have shared with Ms. Hill how hard it has been to let go, and she said she understands that after only a few times on our campus. She already recognizes what a special place Zilker is.

So all of my personal effects are out of the principal’s office, and I am about to turn over the last two Zilker keys that I have. Ms. Hill has begun moving her things into her new office and is looking forward to new adventures in the coming years. I have to admit that I am a little jealous, but this is all as it should be. I am confident that you are in good hands with Ms. Hill and your new assistant principal still to be named.

And how about Patrick Aziz and Joslin! Just when we were feeling a bit discouraged, Joslin happened! I know Mr. Aziz will miss Zilker, and you all will certainly miss him, but I also know you join me in congratulating him and wishing him only the best. He will be amazing as the interim principal for the Joslin Jaguars.

When you happen to see me around town, please be sure to say hello. I may forget names, but I will remember faces and that you are/were Zilker Panthers. I guess I will stop here. Just know how much you all have meant to me, know that I will always remember these past nine years as the ones when I was “the luckiest man in AISD,” and be sure to keep working together to ensure that Zilker continues to be “…a great place for kids!” I love and already miss you all.

Most sincerely,

Randy Thomson