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Zilker Fund: Donate Today in HONOR of YOUR STUDENT!

By October 31, 2017 No Comments

Donate in Honor of YOUR Child!
All funds raised support your student –
and all students at Zilker Elementary School.

Give today so you can skip weekend fundraising tasks like hosting bake sales and reading magazines you never wanted to subscribe to in the first place. Thanks in advance for your support!


I am donating…

___ $15 instead of selling cupcakes with my kids outside when it’s hot and I’m sweating.

___ $25 to avoid hitting up my friends, family, and coworkers for money.

___ $50 to skip running, swimming or jumping in any activity ending in “thon.”

___ $75 in place of spending money on fancy clothes for an elegant fundraiser gala.

___ $100 because it’s hard work going door-to-door on the weekends.

$ _______ because I am extremely grateful that all I have to do is fill out the form in my Thursday Folder!


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