ZPTA Preliminary Budget Update

Thank you to those who could attend the May 16th PTA meeting.  It is evident that we are a passionate group that wants the most for our kids. After the dust settled, I was able to meet with the Austin Council of PTAs that works directly with TXPTA.   We’ve had several conversations and I met face to face with their president and parliamentarian.  After my meetings with them, I’d like to announce to you that the votes regarding the preliminary budget passed 19 Yes to 18 no.  It was discovered that 3 votes were cast by  proxy.   According to Article IX, Section 4 of the TXPTA bylaws: “There shall be no proxy voting.” Therefore, this means that the  budget was approved by a simple majority vote.

This preliminary budget as presented provides for $15k for an Instructional Specialist, $5k for technology, $10k for Jabo’s Garden and $4k for Futura/Spanish for PreK & Kindergarten.   Please keep in mind that this budget is fluid and will continue to evolve.  As a PTA, we will be looking to the guidance of our next principal to continue supporting the school’s needs.
From this meeting, we heard many voices and the want for a Spanish program!  It’s our task to carry on the dialogue with the administration to determine how to continue with a Spanish and/or multi-cultural program at Zilker. And, though it wasn’t communicated clearly, the PTA board would still like to see some sort of program continue.  As we said in the meeting, we will work with the incoming administration in the upcoming school year to advocate for a program that works for both teachers and students.  There are many example of what that might look like and we’d like to work with all interested to help determine what those goals are inconjuction with the vision of our school leadership.    I’m eager to see champions arise for a multi-cultural or language program amongst our teachers, parents and administration.
We know diversity is important in our community, and we know as a PTA, we are supplementing what the district provides. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or Vera Muniz to set up a time to discuss.
Thank you again for your time!
– Rachel Elder